Weddings are bespoke to each couple´s ideas and expectations in order to make their day a lifetime experience.

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Can Riera has several areas and spaces to suit each part of the event (ceremony, apperitives, supper, dance, chill out...etc) giving each moment its personality.

Can Riera´s main house is available for rent and allows the future couple and their close friends and or family  to enjoy very comfortably of every moment of their celebration.


972 178 300   

680 106 059

Located 80km from Barcelona and 45 from Girona, the Finca is easy to reach by the AP-7 highway and it is only 2km away from Arbucies, although surrounded by woods, nature and silence.

Wedding planner services as well as assessment services are provided and will be suited to each couple´s needs and expectations.


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