We help you to organise your day

Can riera offers an events service to organise and control all the process. We have more than 10 years of experience organising events and weddings.

Other contracting services besides the venues.

Can riera de la Pineda besides de rental of the venues offers as well a complete service to our clients. We will suit our event organising service to your needs. We can provide you with a complete service (planification, wedding proposals and definition, budgets, invitations design, save the date, photograph and video, presents, decorations, administration, sittings, hairdresser, stylist, makeup…etc).
Besides all this work previous to the event, during your day we will in charge of the set up , timing, coordination of all suppliers, decorations, as well as all those little things that will happen but you will never find out because we will fix them before you know. We will be there until the end of the event and make sure the day after all is ready for you to enjoy Can riera de la Pineda.

Accommodations near Can riera

Discover hotels, inns and farmhouses located near Can Riera de la Pineda.

Some of our top recommended photographers

For amazing Pictures and videos of such an special day the chemistry with the photographer is key to revive your memories and even details that due to the magic of the day you were not able to see.

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