Main House



Main Hall

Swimming pool


With a surface of 380m2 open space, a catering area and restrooms, has also big windows and access to the gardens and fields located next to it, provides a very flexible   and beautiful space.


info@canrieradelapineda.com  - Telephone   -   +34 680 106 059

The size of the swiming pool (12mts long x3mts wide and max depht of 1,7 mts)and its surrounding area tailed with typical catalan “toba” fit perfectly with the gardens

The old stables (18 m2) of the main house have been converted and conditioned to fit 14 seating guests and has a permanent, very functional, barbecue.

The Chapel has no fix ceremony but both religious and non religious ceremonies can be celebrated. Its capacity is of 54 seated people and has very big doors on the side and front allowing for extra capacity.


All areas of our gardens are with grass and surrounded by woods which will give you the possibility to create different atmospheres or themes with plenty of space and privacy.


The main house: Recently restored and fully equipped, there are 9 double in-suite rooms as well as many other areas to relax and enjoy your stay.